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Nathan Walsh "111 Days to 23 Skidoo"

111 Days to 23 Skidoo is a ’slow print‘ of an oil painting by Nathan Walsh of the Flat Iron building on 23rd street in New York. The painting took one hundred and eleven days to complete and the slow print shows its gradual development day by day. From the first lines on the canvas to the final photo-real work the image updates daily to reproduce the development process. Friends of the artist often call in at his studio to see his paintings develop over time. The nature of the medium is such that many images, some very beautiful, are destroyed as the final piece is created. The drawing is covered over by the paint and successive layers continually remake the work until the final image is produced. Visitors to 111 Days to 23 Skidoo will gain a unique experience of the work in progress, now titled ”23 Skidoo“. It was made as part of the Digital Originals project with researchers at Northumbria and the University of Newcastle, UK.

Day # | Jun 07, 2020